Away for the Weekend

10711153_10152495111488848_3325512675551947986_nThursday night I laid out all the gear for three days, two nights away. That is three outfits for the big kids, 5 for the littles.  Also two guinea pigs and all their gear and 1 dog. My Mother-in-love is a saint, I promise you she is. She gifted us a 10501946_10152495176723848_3318068077191369651_nweekend away at the Hyatt to attend Family Life’s getaway weekend. Then she offered to take the kids AND the animals!! I don’t know but there is a special reward for her based on this weekend.

Not only did she keep everyone alive, they baked me a cake (belated birthday) and she did a sweet Thanksgiving craft with them for Bobby and I! I mean come on now you know you’re jealous…but both her boys are married so you are just out of luck.

10806448_10152495684083848_5331878982860094624_nOur weekend couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The Hyatt Hill Country Resort is amazing. The staff is more than helpful and the rooms were plush! We had no problems at all settling into a weekend of no kids, no cleaning, no pets, nothing that we had to do but pay attention to each other. We stayed up late, we watched a silly movie, we attended all of our sessions and we had a great date night. 10418931_10152496045623848_6957796912702134652_nThe sessions were informative and beneficial. We didn’t go into it thinking we were in trouble. We went into the weekend thinking this is going to be nice to refuel. The speakers helped us put some polish on a bunch of things we were already doing right and led us to some places that made us say, huh, we could do this better. It was great!

10426205_10152499338533848_5191461046541534729_nIn addition to the sessions we had been sponsored by Cru Military and enjoyed a breakfast on them Sunday morning as well as some great swag! They honored our service members and reached out to us to help with things only military families go through. They were awesome!

You have to refuel

This is the take away from today’s therapy session. If there are a series of stressors all lined up in a row and you don’t take the time to recover…then you break.

I think over my 37 years I have had a series of stressors, but then I also had some down time, some places of peace. My Grandparents, of blessed memory, provided for me a retreat, a physical removal from the chaos that was my childhood at times, into this amazingly serene, restful place. Now that’s not to say that I was a Zen 4th grader, oh no, my Grandparents were saints to keep taking me back up to Silver Lake and putting up with my crazy. I am convinced now that it was these trips that kept me sane. When I found out my father was addicted to drugs, when my parents divorced, when I had to change schools, when there were child custody and child support hearings…that seemed to happen so often, when my parents both remarried, when I went off to college. I spent two wonderful weeks almost every summer with my Grandparents.

There was this amazing pattern to their lives that soothed my chaos. We would wake up early just before sunrise and arrive at Granpa’s aluminum boat just as the sky started to lighten. Bundled against the cold we would make our passes across the lake towing flies that Granpa and Ray our neighbor had tied themselves. We would typically not talk till Granpa’s coffee kicked and at least one layer of our bundle had been peeled off. On good days we would catch our limit, on bad days we would both get skunked, on really good days we would catch a whopper 2 maybe 3 pounds and go off to the Store to have our pictures taken and posted on that year’s wall of fame.

Then off to the cleaning shack to clean and filet the fish and home in time for breakfast. Granny and Granpa were of the generation that the kids were kicked out of the house for day only to return for meals…so out I went. I would walk around the campground talking to all the Senior Citizens, one summer I was 12 or 13 I launched a dog walking business, I would play for hours at the edge of the snow-fed creek, playing with stones and imagining fairies and Indians and being the only person ever to find these amazing quiet places. In the evening, after dinner, and Happy Hour, we might read our novels, listen to the Bluegrass channel or watch an old western on the extravagant 9in TV. Day in and out this was the pattern and I believe it refueled me, built me back up, set me back on track. Thank you Granny and Granpa.

The Place of Fame

Morning Glory

The Land of Make Believe

First day on my own…not really alone

So Bobby went back to work today and as he left I though I am on my own…but not really. Linda arrived at 930 and stayed till noon, Mom and Sherri came at 1230 and Mom was here till 1700. Bobby arrived home at 1800…so I wasn’t really home alone today. I am not complaining, it took all those people for me to take care of two Dr’s appointment. Tomorrow we have nothing planned! Who0hoo!! Home all day with a full day of schooling planned, very much looking forward to that.
We did a half day of using Homeschooling Torah and the kids really enjoyed it. They even asked to do some more today! There is a lot of use of the Sacred Name but so far I have found that we have a lot in common. We adapted the first song, to fit our own circumlocution, the rest of the usage occurs in the teacher’s side of things so I have been able to skirt the issue.
My therapist is helping me peel back some of the stresses in my life and encouraging me to be more healthy in eating, sleeping, and yes exercising. Though these have been problems in the past, I am trying to make the positive changes and feel empowered by just that small step.

A day at the Zoo

100_1464Robby with his favorite animal.

The pride

Take a picture Mom.
A No-Sarah in her natural habitat.
Is Josh Hippo Surfing?
100_1454 100_1452  100_1449 100_1448