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This prayer book is meant for Messianic Jews and Gentiles to use with their families. It is an attempt to bridge the gap for those just learning traditional liturgy and have desire to pray at home. All Prayers are written in English. Finally a prayer book that is easy to use! My intent when compiling and writing these prayers was to be true to the traditional Jewish prayers while making it easy to navigate and read with your children. Children who can read simple chapter books should be able to read along with parents, but don’t worry parents these prayers aren’t “dumbed down”. They are simplified and on occasion updated to modern American English. The “Intro” and “How To” will get you up and praying in no time!

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I smell burnt toast…

Now to find out who really follows my blog…

The let down?

The Holidays are over, we are counting the Omer…what do we focus on now?

I think that now we focus on drawing closer to Him.

We count and we look forward. We anticipat the giving of the omer and the giving of the Holy Spirit.

We count and we consider what still holds us in slavery, what of Egypt still clings to us.

We count and we work towards growth, spiritual growth. This is most important, I think. That we strive for growth and don’t stand in the same place as we did last year.

I don’t think it’s so much a let down but a building up, to greater and greater things.

Have you had a Mammogram yet?

If you haven’t had one yet or are just curious visit this great “what to expect” blog on mammograms. It was completely helpful to me in preparing for this dreaded rite of passage.

Now on to mine. If I told you I wan’t scared I would be lying. But if I told you that God stood by me the entire time and as long as I was willing to place my fear in His hands He held me up the entire time.

That ladies at the clinic were great professional and caring and always trying to put you at ease…those of us there for the diagnostic screening need some coddling. The ladies that had been there before for the regular screening seemed to be vets to this newbie.

It was a long wait….a long wait. First the mammogram then the sonogram…then the news that I was expecting…but really just needed to hear it’s a lipoma…a fatty buildup? blob? trial? Thank God.