Is it a weird home school?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post purely about home schooling. I don’t know why that is, or maybe I do.

My home school doesn’t look like yours, it never has, it never will and I think I’ve decided not to care, or maybe I still do. I care in the sense that I don’t want to tell the world what I’m doing and how it’s working for us, because I don’t want to criticized.

The blogging world can be so cruel. The Mom wars are just as much in affect here in home school land as in public school world. So I have held it close and let it evolve this last year and I’m happy with it, really I am. Well at least as happy as I can be with something that I know will change with the children, with the home, with the city, etc.

So what are we doing right now? If you were reading on my updates after the major breakdown I had in October you will know that we switched to Homeschooling Torah. I had known about this curriculum for awhile but wanted to see what people were saying about it after a few years, also I was held back by the use of the Name. But my therapist said that I might be happier with my school day if I used something more hands on, something like a unit study. I wasn’t sold but I went home and started researching and rediscovered Homeschooling Torah. I knew right away that this is what I should be doing and jumped right on in with both feet!

This has been such a blessing! I love the format and even though we have tweaked it for our own use, we are using Sequential Spelling and Learn Hebrew Today-For Adults, I have enjoyed the hands on aspect, the opportunity to see my children advancing, learning together, forming new bonds over the shared experiences. The lessons I learned from teaching HT to the big kids flowed over to the little ones and my reluctant learner is finally figuring out phonics!! Couldn’t be more excited.

The other big change has been I have stopped trying to be that person who wakes at 5 in the morning, cleans the whole house, makes breakfast from scratch(all organic of course) and then starts school promptly at 8am with the Pledge to the Flag, YWIM? We have fallen into a pattern that works really well for us, I school the little ones about 30 minutes before lunch we are only working on phonics and numbers. Then after lunch me and big kids sit down to say afternoon prayers, read the Bible portion and the History portion, then Grammar, Spelling and Math. Next quarter I plan to add in Science and Art and a add on to the History we are doing with some Homeschooling with Movies.

This has been freeing and yet also isolating. I feel free to do what I know is working for us, but then at the same time I don’t want to be boisterous about these new changes cause I don’t want to incur the wrath of the Mom’s who honestly believe there is only one way to Home School. So here is my challenge to you, leave a comment telling me what you do that is not “normal” and then we can all be strange together.

The Respect Dare: Review

This review is from: The Respect Dare: 40 Days to a Deeper Connection with God and Your Husband (Kindle Edition)
I received this book in return for a fair review. I did not get past dare three. Maybe it was the writing that came off a bit textbook, or the off the bat journaling that I wasn’t expecting I don’t know. It has a ton of Scripture, anecdotes and focused prayer time as well as journaling and many if you were doing this book as part of a class to help you stay motivated you would get farther than I did.

Super Bowl Sunday

We don’t follow football…I had to look up who was going to be playing this year! I shared with the kids that my family would pick sides, girls v boys and order pizza and cheer for “our team.” They loved the idea so Sunday we descended on Papa’s room and his huge-mongous TV with Pom Poms, poppers, balloons, pizza, wings, dip the works.

The kids really enjoyed it Josh was the Seahawks good luck charm right up till the end. Every time he left the room they scored…so whenever they had the ball we wouldn’t let him back in, LOL. When the Patriots had the ball and Josh was present they wouldn’t score. He had a blast running back and forth, can I be in here now? The big kids actually followed the game and I think we made some great family memories over it.

Not Private

Do you have that moment when you think if only I could just vent to my heart’s content without consequence? Post a scathing FB rant or blog it off? Man the last few days I have felt that way, wanting to tell not just someone…a trusted confidant, but EVERYONE!!

I can’t. I won’t.

You would know them, someone would know them or think they did because of my post and everyone would be supporting my foolish antics and the words of wisdom spoken by a few would be shot down and trampled on.

I don’t, I can’t, I won’t.

I can’t disparage someone’s reputation, even when they might have really lowered themselves in my eyes.

I shouldn’t. I don’t, I can’t, I won’t.

I will extend to ┬áthem the benefit of the doubt. I will assume they meant well. I will assume they didn’t know it would hurt so bad. I will assume that there is no malice or ill will and I will move on.

I will.
I can.
I should.
I do.