Deployment 2007-2008


(repost from November 2007)
… like when I am missing him so bad it hurts, like when I and my three children trudge through…whatever…and you can tell that something about us says “he’s deployed” and then the looks of pity, and worse disgust, burn so hard that you want to stop in the middle of Walmart and just sit down and cry, but you can’t, when you find yourself crying at night and you stifle it in the pillow cause you don’t want the kids to hear, because then they will start crying too….when you think about making spaghetti or enchiladas and decided on mac’n’cheese instead because no one will eat those dishes but him…when you finally break down and make stroganoff and then find it growing fur in the back of the fridge because there is no earthly way one person can eat that much stroganoff one week…like when you are watching TV and something happens and you turn to tell him and he’s not there….these things are all worse than finding he didn’t rinse out the sink after shaving and he yet again left his PT clothes on the bathroom floor….


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