Grace After Meals

The Bible says that when we have eaten and our satisfied that we should bless the Lord for the Land. (Deut 8:10) The sages teach that anyone can thank Him before we eat, because we are hungry and are thankful for bounty. However, it is a mitzvah to bless Him after we have eaten. When Yeshua healed the Ten Lepers only one came back to thank Him. (Luke 17:12-19) I think it is a good lesson, especially for children to come back to Him and thank Him, for all things but especially mundane things like food.
We have taught the children to sit still and quiet during the reading of the Blessing and listen to the words as though it was a story. So far they are very receptive and respond Amen, when appropriate. We are also teaching them to memorize the Blessing over the “the master of this house, and the lady of this house.” My kids love to memorize, it is a beautiful thing to see the three year old lisp, “lady of this house, them, their house their family and all that is theirs.”


What do you think?

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