Going Going Gone

Well those tonsils and adenoids are a thing of the past, and I think both my kids would like to eat “real” food, LOL. The day of was a bit stressful for me, but the kids came through like troopers. The whole process was set up to cause as little stress for the kids as possible and I think they may have done too good a job. My Talitha Girl said,” Momma I thought it was supposed to be fun?” Aw just about broke my heart, but an hour later she is playing on the jungle gym of a bed she was in trying to scale the railings. I can’t wait for the healing process to be done, we are all cooped up inside…and we never stay home for long. The kids aren’t quite ready to go back to school, but I think I will have them finish Monday’s work tomorrow so we can start next week with a whole day. Well that’s all I’ve got today, I feel like I may be back to normal tomorrow. I wanna talk about Grace After Meals.


One thought on “Going Going Gone

  1. Joy Howse August 20, 2009 / 5:32 pm

    Glad to read that they both were troopers through the whole thing. Now life back to normal (is there such a thing?)

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