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So, this week at PWOC Bible study we were covering I Peter 4. We have been working our way through I Peter and I have really enjoyed the in depth study of this book.

In I Peter 4:14 my Complete Jewish Version translates the phrase, “the Spirit of G-d” as the Shekina. The Shekina shows up a number of times in the Bible. It covered Adam and Eve, it dwelt over Sarah’s tent, It dwelt over the Tabernacle, it illumined Moses’ face when he went up on the mountain, it also was present at the Transfiguration of Yeshua, and it was the presence that met Sha’ul on the road to Damascus.
Everytime we see the Shekina…it is literally that seen. So why would Peter uses the term, instead of the Holy Spirit, when we have no expectation to see the Holy Spirit. I asked why we don’t see this Glory on today’s Christians.
I got a lot of answers that we can see it “spiritually”, but the Shekina was literally seen, not felt or acknowledged. So I asked my husband when we got home and he pointed out that as Sha’ul was having a conversation with the Messiah, his companions only heard thunder. Dh thought that this was because Sha’ul was used to having communion with the Most High and recognized the Spirit of G-d when his companions did not.
That got me thinking, do we not see the Glory because we are not in tune to the presence of G-d, my dear MIL pointed out that she had been on the receiving end of anger and cursing when the person was truly angry and mad at G-d. My dh suggested that maybe because these non-believers cannot see the glory of G-d they are only hearing thunder or something similar and that the darkness within in them reacts to light that is within us. This would all be subconscious.
This makes sense to me, but does not explain why we believers cannot see the Spirit of G-d.


One thought on “Bible Study

  1. Amy January 28, 2011 / 11:05 am

    This is a very interesting topic. I believe we can see this Spirit of God but we don't always know what we are seeing. My mother says that when I was a little girl I often drew picture of people with light rays coming out of them. She called this the spirit of discernment (1 Corinthians 12:10). The older I get and the more I learn and grow spiritually, the more I trust in this gift. I have had experiences when I know I was seeing the light of the Spirit or lack of that Spirit. I believe it takes practice and a lot of spiritual refinement. (Here are some examples of what I am talking about

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