Sarah Ruth’s Arrival

Sarah Ruth
Jan 17, 2010
10lbs 7oz
20 inches long

On Sunday afternoon during a very good nap on the couch I was awoken with a strong contraction, it was 3 pm. Requiring me to walk around and moan through it. After I used the bathroom and and checked my email. I had another small contraction and Daddy decided to clean up the house and get the kids ready. I was in denial, there was no way I was going to the hospital anytime soon, this just started and my last baby took 6 hours to get to completely dilated. At 4 pm I had another very strong contraction and they just built from there. I called the doula who suggested we wait one hour before we headed to the hospital. Just short of an hour after my childcare arrived (thanks Jenn) Bobby called the doula and told her we were headed to the hospital. I walked in, cause there was no way I was going to sit in a wheelchair. They took me right in and wanted to check me, but I just couldn’t imagine laying down. They finally got me to lay down long enough for a check and we found out my water was intact and I was complete. I had another horrible contraction and jumped off the bed and ordered them to give me drugs. My doula and husband both shook their heads, but I insisted. After a quick check with the anesthesiologist we decided on a light epidural. I could still move but I couldn’t feel anything. They ran an iv and I held still for the longest 5 minutes of my life while they got the epi in. Now the Dr comes in and he wants to check me, I’m fine with that I am feeling no pain. He checks me, my water breaks and the cord comes down before the baby. As soon as I hear that I know we are headed to the OR. To the Dr’s credit he tried to position the baby down so we could just push her out and be done, but she was stuck on my hip. Off to the OR we go. Sarah Ruth is born at 6:20pm and they had to work to get her to come out from being stuck on my hip. She let out a great cry as soon as she was born and we are both doing well. Her labor and birth wasn’t what I expected and expect that she won’t be either. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


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