Corrigan’s Bat Mitzvah

What a wonderful evening! There was still snow on the ground from last week’s major storm, about three inches. The pavilion was nice and warm as Greg the proud Papa lit the fire just after the sun went down. Bobby led us in a prayer to open the ceremony. Corrigan did a marvelous job explaining what the Torah portion meant to her and why she felt G-d had us learn these “archaic” laws even today. Her parents presented her with a beautiful ring, inscribed with “I am my beloved’s” in Hebrew, a lovely necklace with her Hebrew name and her sister gave her a cute little jewelry box also inscribed with her name. The parents said a traditional blessing over her and some of the guests stood to bless her. It was all in all very wonderful and touching in a way that made me look forward to Talitha’s bat mitzvah and think about the Bitting girls and all the wonderful young women we see coming into the Torah and into their place as women in the community. Such a blessing…oh and the food! So good!!! Was blessed to be there for sure!!


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