Fit and Fabulous by Teresa Tapp

This is a great buy and an easy read. I would recommend that you buy the 15 minute workout video, which they have on sale if you still own a VHS machine…which we do…gotta love the stone age. Her step by step walk through of the routine is thorough but nothing beats actually seeing someone work through the exercises. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a couple of hours to devote to the gym. Honestly I don’t have 15 minutes, but I can carve that out while the kids are having quiet time in the afternoon and even the youngest one can wait for 15 minutes. Though I can’t say I have been doing this workout long I just got the book two weeks ago, I can say that I feel so much better…well let me give you some background.
Five weeks ago on Jan 17, little Sarah entered the world in a dramatic fashion. Three days later I was still trying to wrap my head around how I ended up in the OR having my third c-section. The labor and delivery beat me up. Now fast forward I have healed wonderfully, Baruch Hashem, and I am starting to watch my diet and exercise.
This routine, T-Tapp Workout,  is perfect, it really only takes 15 minutes, it leaves me feeling stretched and toned without feeling exhausted. In her book she has a great chapter on G-d-made vs Man-made diets and how to eat well without becoming a fanatic or a slave to your diet. She encourages you to enjoy life and celebrate the holidays, which is great for those of us who keep the Feasts of the Lord…they all involve eating. She stresses being healthy over tiny and her section on body shapes and sizes should not be skipped. The book contains a lot of testimonials which are great encouragement for those of us who need that, and can be skipped if you are just looking for the meat and potatoes. I have read through the book twice now and would recommend it to any mom, looking for something quick to get you exercising again.


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