Wow its been too long

Here’s a short update.

Bobby is working towards a deployment maybe in the summer.

Becky is working on a book review blog.

Robby is working on being a man, ran downstairs yesterday very concerned that a little girl was being beat up by boys on the playground behind our home. I went outside to check it out and they were playing a game that looked rough but noone  was getting hurt. His exact words were, “I have got to go save that girl!” I love that boy.

Talitha is working on reading and spelling. She so wants to be able to read her Bible and her pray books. She has grown so much in the past year her heart is so soft. I pray that it doesn’t make her bitter as she can be easily hurt.

Ephraim is finally potty training!!  YEAH Ephraim!!

Joshua can walk and is learning to talk and we enjoy each and every new word…lately it’s “Hello, is anyone there?”

Sarah is getting bigger but doesn’t have a personality yet, that doesn’t seem to keep everyone from falling in love with her 🙂


What do you think?

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