Pesach cleaning and book reviews don’t mix

The practical once again has interrupted the academic. How many home schoolin’ mamas know this to be true? Whereas my house is nearly Kosher for Passover, a few crumbs left for Daddy to find and a trip to the food bank and we should be done, my book review site has greatly suffered.

I have A Taste of Shabbos to review and I need to finish my review of JPS’s Hagadah commentary.

I would like to report that I finished the Holland Family Hagadah, it is a combination of Jewish tradition and Messianic text taken form a number of  great sources. There are two editions one for readers and one for non-readers. The non readers version has large full color pictures to keep the interest of those members who don’t read yet. I am really excited for using this Hagadah this year, my guests will be 7,5,3,1,and 3 mo. So I think we will use a few of each edition.

Rest assured that we will have a new review after the second seder.


What do you think?

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