The Lost: a search for six of six million

As soon as this book arrives I will be reviewing it here. I am a little put off by the subject, I know it will be heart rending and I try to stay away from those subjects call me a wimp! I read Night, awhile back and it still haunts me. As an older elementary student I read Devil’s Arithmetic and The Diary of Anne Frank, these books changed my perspective on the world and on what people are capable of. As I have grown in the Hebrew Roots/Messianic Jewish movement I have found that I am even more sensitive to the history of the Jewish people, their current state of affairs and how they are spoken of in my social circles. I find myself speaking up when before I might not have, I even told a lady at Bible study that she needed to back down on cursing the chosen people of the Most High. Honestly I don’t think she even realized what she was saying, it is so ingrained in the mainstream Christianity that the Hebrew people, the Israelites are inherently flawed and thereby deserve the wrath of G-d and anything else that is thrown at them. Whew! I’m not going there, we are all flawed and deserved the punishment of death, Baruch Hashem that He has saved us, that he has cared for the least of us…Baruch Hashem!


What do you think?

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