Why we do what we do? – Veggie Tales :)

Why do we do what we do?
Why do we pray before and after meals?
Why do we against the onslaught of mainstream media attempt to keep modest, prevent Loshon Hora, keep Hashem’s Holy Days?
Why do we do these things? It is not so much for us, but for them. At the begining of any of the Veggie Tales you will see a young girl in a black and white video and the the words, “Why we do what we do”.

This is why we do it, not for ourselves or the blessings it might bring to us, but for our children. They are our legacy, the thing that will live on past us is what our children choose to pass on to their children. We must teach them the importance of observance, the joy of Mitzvah, the unending beauty in the Torah or it is as if we have not lived.


What do you think?

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