Summer 2010 Trip to Big Mama’s

This is my fabulous family! Finally at the request of Mom and the hard work of Bobby and David to finagle leave at almost the same time we were able to take one large family picture. Mom is holding Monique, David and Ramona’s daughter, and Dad is holding Sarah.

We went down for our annual leave after a couple of hiccups we were on our way and despite traveling with young children one still nursing the trip went very well. Ephraim came down with a horrible fever our first night on the road but some Ibuprofen and a good nap and he was fine. We were able to celebrate Shabbat with Mom, and with the Bittings, which was wonderful on both accounts. We met up with all of Mom’s Bible study friends, to include the Stephenson’s and Maggie and Ollie. We had such a blast with everyone!

On Sunday afternoon my Grandmother flew in and stayed with us till Thursday. We took her out to Nanny McPhee returns and she laughed through the whole thing. We also drug her over to the Witte Museum where she seemed to really enjoy watching the giant dinosaurs scare the unsuspecting children at the entrance, LOL! It was a great visit which the children all enjoyed especially little Joshua who really took a liking to Gr-Gr-Granma!

After a tearful goodbye to Granny we stayed up late to welcome David and Ramona and Monique. What a cutie she is! and such a great smile, though she is giving her parents a crash course in crying 101! Having them over was great fun and we all enjoyed the little ones interacting with their “very first cousin ever!” All too soon it was time to go home and get our minds focused and ready for the upcoming deployment. I so love visiting Mom and Dad, can’t wait for Pesach!!

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One thought on “Summer 2010 Trip to Big Mama’s

  1. A Joyful Chaos September 18, 2010 / 1:18 pm

    Isn't family time the greatest?! Glad you were able to both have leave at the same time.

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