It couldn’t Have Been Worse Timing

He called at the worst possible moment, I was just about to fall asleep, I had a splitting headache the kids were down for quiet time and my head was swimming with financial questions that had been plaguing me for two weeks. My phone rings, I know its him the caller ID is unfamiliar out of Georgia. I say hello….a 10,644 mile pause and he says Hello, is everything alright. I had this really strong urge to call you.

An hour later I still have a splitting headache, I didn’t get to nap, and the kids never took their quiet time, I still had to follow through with some money issues, but I had an overwhelming feeling of awe and gratitude that my Heavenly Father would reach down and tap my husband on the shoulder and say, “Your wife needs you.”

Often times a deployment will highlight and amplify what is right and wrong in a relationship. Is someone’s eyes wondering at home…then you can bet they will wonder apart. Are there arguments over finances and kids and the car….then you will argue over these things apart.

Thank you Most High for healing our relationship before deployment for showing me where to move and when to be still, for showing me how to speak and how to keep my mouth shut. Thank you for giving me an understanding husband one who forgives so easily and so completely.

As this deployment is just getting started I see some very positive traits being highlighted in the both of us and in our relationship and I look forward to this period of growth and how we will come together at the end of it. Thank you Adonai, for being my Abba.


One thought on “It couldn’t Have Been Worse Timing

  1. Andi November 23, 2010 / 6:15 pm

    What a beautiful heartful post, I can't even imagine what it is like….I was separated from my husband for a month as we relocated. Oh my heart feels for you…

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