“It is intelligent of a person to be slow to anger, and his splendor to ignore an offense.” –Proverbs 19:11

It is our splendor to ignore offense. Splendor, an ornament, our glory. When we ignore an offense we wear glory, we appear beautiful. A good friend of mine explained the Neshema is our soul, the most divine purest aspect of our soul. Nefesh is in its plainest sense our physical bodies, the part of ourselves that are visible and tie us to this earthly existence. She said our desire should be to to polish our nefesh so that our neshama shines through with its holiness and beauty. She would often ask her daughters is this your nefesh or neshama I see. 

The Mussar Institute puts it this way:

The nefesh is the seat of all our emotions and appetites, the realm of personality and identity. If our nefesh is clear and unblemished, the light of the neshama will shine through without obstruction; if it is foggy, the light will be obstructed. Just as clouds determine how much sunshine makes it to earth, the nefesh acts as the “atmosphere” of our lives. The features of the soul that connect us to this world – personality, character, appetites, aversions, strengths, weaknesses – determine whether the holiness that is there at our core shines out or not, or to what degree.

Before I found Mussar I had thought that perhaps the reason that the disciples were able to work such miracles in the name of  the Master was because their vessels were so pure. Their Nefesh was clear and unblemished and the Ruach HaKodesh could work easily through them. It’s a thought.


What do you think?

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