Surprise Party

Well not really, lol. It was a surprise to me that we were having a party, but look and see what a great night we had celebrating Sarah’s entry into this world!
Tess, Faith and Abbi from next door came over. 
They colored a lot of pictures for Sarah and we hung them all over the wall behind her seat.

Jenn, Kenzie, Kiki and Coco(not pictured) came to enjoy the celebration.

Tess, her mom Renae and sister Faith with the girl of honor.

Gimme that cake!

Mmm, that’s what I’m talking about.

Me and Ephraim blew out the candle, 
while Lil’Miss licks her fingers.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

This is amazing, I need both hands.

Are you going to eat yours?

Hey! What are you doing with my plate? 

And you are…bringing me cake?

Jenn and the girls were so sweet to bring a gift 🙂
Sarah looked confused by the presents.

Is this a joke? Where’s the cake?

Oooh, just like mommy’s.

And it makes noise…thanks Jenn 😦

Note the doll under Talitha’s arm?
That is my gift to Sarah. We thought the doll was a little funny looking and her head was too floppy and so Talitha rescued her…and she is sleeping with her now….She tells me she is just looking after the baby till Sarah gets a little older.
This doesn’t taste like cake!

One thought on “Surprise Party

  1. Blacksheep January 21, 2011 / 6:44 pm

    I know you know who this is. Please keep my identity a closely guarded secret, I meen like Batman/Bruce Wayne secret. I just started a BLOG and it is part of the fun. 😉

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