Proverbs 31 Challenge

Week 3

Proverbs 31:16-18  16 She considers a field, then buys it, and from her earnings she plants a vineyard. 17 She gathers her strength around her and throws herself into her work. 18 She sees that her business affairs go well; her lamp stays lit at night. 

 When I consider a “field” I may spend weeks researching the purchase searching for the best product and the best price. 
I try to buy food, and not a lot of boxed products, that really cuts down on the grocery bills. I visited Hill Billy Housewife a number of years ago, her emergency menu taught me that you can present a well balanced menu without a lot of fruit and meat. We save our big dinner’s for special celebrations, like Shabbat and Feast days. 

Gathering strength? I think that is a hard one for me, I don’t always get enough sleep and I don’t always eat the best. I was thinking as I have been on a elimination diet for my daughter, that I am looking at food so much differently now, thinking about when I am really hungry and what it is that I should eat as opposed to what I want to eat. I think that I have had better spirits this past two weeks, not to mention weight loss and body shape changes.  

I love the idea of throwing yourself into your work. I love to read those blogs where the Mom’s seem to through themselves into their work as keeps in the home. I think that if only I could harness that approach I would get so much more done and be so much more effective. Don’t get me wrong their are aspects of my life that I do throw myself into, but there are others that I wish I could get right. But I am learning and I am teachable!

Her lamp stays lit at night. Doesn’t the Master tell a parable about lamps? Doesn’t it say that the Bridesmaids that had no oil for their lamps were foolish? Nothing good is ever spoken of a fool! Having oil enough for your lamp to never go out, means planning ahead. It means knowing the needs of your household and acting in advance of those needs to provide for all members….like running out to buy diapers or dog food last minute. 

So what is my challenge from this reading and study? I think it will be to add to my caring for myself routine. I’m not sure I want to speak it out loud, but I think I will find time to do my T-Tapp 15 minute workout on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. If eating right has changed my outlook then a little exercise should be good too. 


One thought on “Proverbs 31 Challenge

  1. Blacksheep February 25, 2011 / 4:55 pm

    Ok so I am so happy to hear that you are living a more healthy life. And to know that it is such a blessing for you and not something that your having to drag yourself through.

    I have allways seen something in vs 16 and I am surprised that you didn't comment on it. She considers a field. A field is more then what would be required for the needs of the household. It would seem the point of the field is to make money. In the same breath the author says that with the proceeds of the fieled she buys a vinyard.

    OK so on the totally Pashat level of interpretation a Woman is to look for smart uses of her husbands money in order to make the house more money…sounds good to me. However, lets try to dig some of the Drash out of this. What is the thing you produce from a vinyard (please do not say grapes, what a waste), and what is produced from the field… ? I think there is a subtle teaching here about a woman preparing for the Sabbath not just during the week, but with the lifestyle and money choices of the house. The focus of all of our labors should be towards good deeds.

    (wow that was good I should have put it on my BLOG 😉 )

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