Sabbath by Dan B Allender – A Book Review

This book is an introspective look at the themes surrounding the Sabbath. The act of rest, joy, play and silence are all worked in through a compelling prose bouncing back and forth from the author’s past and present observances of Shabbat. This is not a text on how to keep Shabbat, when Shabbat might be, or even the necessity of keeping Shabbat, it is a text on what it might mean to you, should you choose to keep the Sabbath.

The cover of the book I received from Book Sneeze, has the the series titled, The Ancient Practices Series. I was so intrigued by that title that I chose this as my first book to review. How disappointed I was when I discovered that this was not at all about ancient practices, the author doesn’t even touch on the “old ways” and only mentions in passing the command to keep the Sabbath. He names the three core premises of the book and I am thrilled, thinking yes finally the meat of the matter, however his focus seems to be more on how do we revel in the freedom of play in the day, then how do we mark it Holy and set apart. To be honest I had to skim over some of the passages because I would never attend a movie or a play on the Sabbath, eat at a fancy restaurant, or other such past times. There were insights that I thought were profound were obtrusively highlighted for me in the manner of a magazine article that begs you to read more. Goodness how irritating.

I would not recommend this book to those who wish to keep the Sabbath day Holy.


One thought on “Sabbath by Dan B Allender – A Book Review

  1. Carmen Bruno March 1, 2011 / 11:56 am

    Thank you so much Becky for enlightening us with your book review. Such good insight to know to especially as we walk to please our Creator. blessings ~ Carmen

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