The Boys Room

I splurged on the Comforter buying a brand new Toy Story 3 comforter. But I reigned in the spending by purchasing mix and match bed sheets at Walmart, green for the fitted and light blue for the pillow case.
The Curtains are also Walmart, the boys window faces the morning sun so I got insulated curtains with a nice embossed print on them. The Toy Story Curtains would have been too thin.

I bought a lic night light, but went with dollar stor wall stickers to fill out the wall. So the alien will feel at home.

Walmart had these lic wall stickers for only 9.99 and they were enough to do one whole wall and then some. Bonus half of them glow in the dark, big hit with the kids!
Same wall as Buzz and Woody, just placed the rest of the characters above the closet.

This wall runner is an aqua doodle, not worth the 15 I paid for it, but the kids love playing with it. The extra wall stickers went over it and you can faintly see the extra stars. I have been tasked with hanging stars on the ceiling now as well, thank goodness I saved all mine from college!

What do you think?

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