World Autism Awareness Day

Tomorrow is WAAD, this is the first year that I have heard of this day, I’m in full support. The more people are aware the less people will say, “If they were just in school, it would just go away.” or my favorite, “If you were more consistent with your discipline, then they would act like brats.” Just FYI you can’t “Spank Autism away.”

My ds 4 and dd 6 both have Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). We have after 3 years of a number of different “professionals” finally have an official diagnosis. Even amongst the mental health community there is a stigma attached to a dx of any kind. Are you sure you want to label them, they are so young? Of course I want to label them, that way I can get the right therapy and help that they need to find themselves as productive adults who can work within society.

The last time I posted about Asperger’s I prayed this prayer:
Lord help me in this as I struggle through, illuminate my path and guide me towards the right resources for these children that you have given to me, give me patience with them as I address their idiosyncrasies and help us raise them up to be powerful in Your Name! In Yeshua’s Mighty Name

That was the 22nd of June, in August I went home to San Antonio to visit my “in-loves” and I met up with our dear friends the Bittings. As we were discussing the trouble I was having getting the diagnosis, Mrs Bitting volunteered her work with Autistic dx in the military and how I could get the official dx. Just 6mo later here we are with the dx in hand! G-d is so good to us, guiding our paths and making sure our footing. The EFMP representative said I had all my paperwork in order and I must have done my homework. I shared with her about my dear friend, who had B”H provided all the guidance that I needed.

I’m not embarrassed about my children’s behavior anymore, I’m more of an advocate for them, I want to speak up and tell people, “They have Asperger’s its a form of autism, they can’t always control their actions” Sympathy appreciated parenting advice is not!

Sorry so disjointed, just a bit of where we are at right now.

Say a prayer for all families affected by Autism.

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