My Biggest Fan

My husband,
the father of my children,
my best friend,
my confidant,
the one who always gets me,
who leaves his socks on the floor,
can’t think in a clean room,
probably doesn’t know where I store the mop,
can make a mean steak,
can Midrash with the best of them,
this man that I have grown from a girl into a woman with,
this man that I can clearly see was a boy when I met him,
this man who is my hero,
my soldier,
my love,
this is my biggest fan.

He is the one
who has my best interests in mind,
who encourages me,
who knows when I am sad,
or scared,
or worried and
can usually figure out why and
knows how to help me out of a funk.

He challenges me
to grow,
to better myself,
to be the wife and
mother and
friend that I am today.

This person that you see,
is not the person I was when we met.

I was 17,
focused on myself,
what I would do in life.

I was not concerned with how to have
a marriage or
a family
I had been raised to have a career

my dear sweat šŸ˜‰ husband was there at every turn
encouraging me
to find my voice to quit my job,
to run my own business,
to earn my MA in Ed Admin.

It is my husband that has encouraged me
to go for my doctorate,
to pursue our dream
of running our own school some day,
to raise our children
at home,
schooling them,
training them.

It will be my husband who
will hold my hand,
pass me his hankie when
my last little one marries and
starts her own home.

It will be my husband who
will sit with me
on the porch swing looking
out over the fields and
squeeze me close
as we enjoy growing old together.

Thank you babe for being my biggest fan, I love being your sweatie šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “My Biggest Fan

  1. Blacksheep May 22, 2011 / 9:55 pm

    Your husband is a pretty special guy. And he is a very lucky guy to have married you.

    -Bobby: Hey sweaty this really made my day.

  2. Anonymous September 11, 2011 / 11:39 am

    amazing poem and i am honored to have seen this wonderful partnership at the start.

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