Extended Family Update

It has been almost a month since last writing. I have sat down a number of times and written out posts and then saved them without publishing. It is not that they are so secretive that I cannot post them, but they walk the line of Loshon Hora. I’m not one for gossiping and sharing info, just for the sake of sharing, but I am one that cannot feel like I have “worked” through something without writing it down or talking about it. I have my dear husband and his mother as confidants and will tell them everything and how I feel about, but there is some cathartic about writing it all out, even if I don’t send it away. Somehow writing it out removes it from me and feel like I can move on.    
As you all know my dear sweet Granny passed away in May. Shortly thereafter, my Mother had my Grandfather moved to another home closer it her, so she could care for him as much as possible. My Aunt Kathryn has nearly finished with her work on the estate on behalf of Grandpa and it has been work indeed! She has done so much to make sure Grandpa’s things are being taken care of. Grandpa seems to have settled into this new home and has started to gain weight; however he is far less responsive and some days doesn’t open his eyes or acknowledge that my Mother is there.
My husband had planned for me to visit Granny in the fall, maybe take the little one with me. Since Granny didn’t want me to see Grandpa in this way I won’t be making that trip this fall. I am so blessed that Granny was able to come out and visit last Summer and so blessed I was able to visit with Grandpa before he had to be in a home.

Me, Joshua and Grandpa out for our morning walk.
Jan. 2009


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