My friend Inspires me

My friend from college whom I haven’t seen since 1996 lost his wife to a brain tumor just a few months ago this year.  I never had a chance to meet his wife and I haven’t met his children,.
Phil was always a puzzle to me a year or two older and having traveled the world.There seemed to always be this sparkle in his eyes that said he was laughing at me…not with me. Phil gave me my first hope that Bobby was interested in me and the one who gave me the courage to tell him that I was SO interested in him. My husband and Phil share a room our freshman year in college, they shared the same taste in just about everything, they dubbed their side of the suite the dark side and seemed to torment their more straight laced roomies to no end. We used to go out and read poetry, Nathanial would play guitar, we would well lets not go down that road 🙂 but it was a good place to be, filled with love and acceptance and a sense of family that hasn’t gone away, even after all these years.
When I found out about Phil’s loss I cried, I could so easily picture myself in his shoes. My husband is my soul mate, I don’t know how I would breathe if something were to happen to him, over there. But as Phil began his blog where he shares his memories and how he wrestles with his grief he has begin to tread into unfamiliar waters. And even though I cry with him, laugh with him and pray hard for he and his family, I don’t know those battles, those hardships, and when he counts his blessing I am challenged to count mine too. To make every second count, to wonder what my legacy would be, to mold myself into a better person all because of this woman, Jane Spence Jones. Will my legacy reach across an ocean and challenge strangers?


What do you think?

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