Really? I mean hives? I am so NOT good at the waiting thing. Since we have had the last FRG meeting its seems like time has slowed to a definite standstill.

Last deployment Bobby was due home in Janurary, we were so blessed to have him return early in Nov. On a Tuesday he called and ask me what I was doing at 2am on Thursday, I said Sleeping! But it turned out he was home and with his family by 4 in the morning Friday. It was quick and painless, just barely enough time to clean the house and put clean clothes on the kids!

Fast forward to the end of our second deployment. I know approximately what day he will be home, how the ceremony and pick up will work afterwards, I have all the kids and my outfits picked out and purchased and now we wait! Argh!

I’m not good at this waiting thing, I have mentioned that before? We have run out of things to say to each other on the phone and besides cleaning the house, which I am currently putting off, I have nothing left to do but wait! Deep breath, I can do this, I can get through these last few weeks and arrive if only slightly disheveled at the hangar with a smile on my face.


What do you think?

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