Chag Sameach

Well Sukkot got off to a bumpy start yesterday. Instead of spending the day decorating baking and cooking I spent the day at Urgent Care and the Pharmacy. After four days of hives appearing only at night my dear friend Jenn talked me into going to the Dr. The PA I saw attributed the hives to stress and put me on a “super” benadryl type drug, so far its working well. But with my anxiety about taking medicine it took me an hour to be able to pop the first pill, whew! So glad Jenn was over or I might not have taken it at all!
Jenn’s husband was delayed getting off work so I invited them to stay for dinner and we welcomed in the festival in our just barely decorated Sukkah. It was so nice to have grown ups at the table. We had a pleasant meal with delicious GF brownies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
My husband will be home soon maybe in a week maybe a little bit more and I couldn’t be more ready!


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