A College Grad Home Schools

 Surprise surprise, I was on Facebook yesterday, and I came across this great op-ed piece, A Home-Schooler Goes to College.  And it got me thinking…

I went to a public college and it was just like this, in fact maybe two or three of the 30 some classes I needed to get my BA were intriguing and engaging, the rest…well “C’s get degrees” sad but true. Grad school was much more like I thought all of college was going to be, and yet I took that online, there were engaging topics and students who wanted to be there to further their careers.
Having attended parochial college, public university, public high school and church elementary I think the best answer is to home school my children. I school my children, I raise them, I instill in them the beliefs that I think G-d wants me too, I drag them on appointments and to the grocery store, I field all the questions about “how do you do it?” wow you’ve got your hands full! “I could never spend all day with MY kids” and the like. My least favorite response to my brood of home schooled monkeys is “Well of course you home school you have a degree.”
Why of course? None of the classes I took to get my Bachelors of Art in English Single Subject, with a specialty in Creative Writing, or my Master of Education in Administration, prepared me to teach actual students. Not once was I placed in a classroom, till I got my first job teaching third grade. Not once did I take a class on teaching, or classroom dynamics, I did take a course in grad school on how to develop a curriculum, but not on how to use one! And yet all those mom’s I run into at Walmart and the Commissary think I can teach cause I have a degree.
I can teach my children their colors, shapes, letters and sounds, how to read write, add and divide, I can teach all these things because I know them myself, I will struggle with chemistry, probably buy a dvd curriculum or computer based program, my Chem class was back in the nineties and I only remember I cried so the teacher would bump my grade…also sad but true.
I won’t push my kids towards college, I think there is more benefit in learning a trade, being an entrepreneur, a home maker. I’m not going to worry if one is more interested in mechanics than English. I won’t stress when my daughter desires to have her own home, husband, family instead of focusing on Math. I will make sure they can budget, live within their means and stick to their beliefs. I will focus on character over grades, even if that means we take an academic break to do a speed course in respect, that looks a lot like chores 🙂 I think it took a lot of money, debt and time to realize college is huge business closely tied to the governments inane requirements for a degree without any correlation to content or ability. As a teacher to my children I know that they will have a well rounded education that will hold them in good stead no matter what they choose as a profession.


What do you think?

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