So we got another dog.

After Sabbath Musings – 2/25/2012

So after we had Gilligan for a couple of nights, we discovered one thing, well two I guess. One he barked and growled when Joshua woke him up at night, causing Josh to be afraid of him and two none of the kids liked him. So with a sad heart I took him back on Tuesday to the shelter. I was looking in the kennels only half-heartedly hoping to find another dog.  When I spotted Rock. He was sitting in the kennel, not really interested in us or in the other dogs, but all that changed when we took him out to the yard. He loved on all the kids had plenty of energy but calmed down when you held him. I decided right then to adopt him. He has taken to the crate, he eats his food, he loves anyone who give him attention walks on the leash even for Joshua. I overheard little Sarah tell him “I love you” this morning…ah a forever home for little Rock.


What do you think?

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