Faeries, witches and trolls

After Sabbath Musings – 3/10/2012

I have been having this discussion on Facebook for a week now and I am no closer to figuring out what people should watch, listen or read with regards to     fantasy fiction. Are stories like Wizard of Oz, Care Bears and Dora alright? Are titles like Princess Bride, Labyrinth and Harry Potter evil? Are fairies okay, how about trolls, unicorns or elves? What about your child’s imagination should it be stifled to only pretend reality? Where do we go in the Scriptures to defend any of our beliefs on this subject?

I don’t know, I know where people have directed me with regards to witchcraft and sorcery that one seems pretty clear. We aren’t to do it or go to someone for assistance who does it, but does that mean we should censor storytelling that includes these elements? No one was able to point me to a scripture that says we can’t have an imagination and if those faerie tales are just that imagination are they to be forbidden? I don’t know.

I know I don’t want Johnny Test, Jimmy Neutron, or Timmy and his oddparents in my house. I won’t be inviting Fanboy and Chumchum over. I don’t want any of those Disney or Nickelodeon tween shows in my living room. And this has nothing to do with fantasy or imagination, it has everything to do with thier character. I wouldn’t allow any people of this character in my home on regular basis to be BFF with my kids so why would I allow them to come in through Netflix?

So consider what your children are spending their screen time on, is it something  you would allow in real life from a neighborhood child, or a teaching that sits with your views on religion, science, or politics? I think we need to spend less time trying to figure out whether or not to watch Harry Potter and spend more time rating our child’s screen time in terms of its value toward the acheivement of our goals.

What are your goals for your child?


What do you think?

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