What’s your Home School Day Look Like?

lol, I hate this question. I have seen it often enough on FB groups, Yahoo! groups and general questions from newbie Mom’s who are just reaching out for help.

My day started at 715, I woke up, dragged my too tired self downstairs to whip up some breakfast. In the background by 745 I have broken up at least half a dozen, “Mom he took my..” “Mom, he’s in my room”, “Mom….” With breakfast on the table I say a million times, sit down, be quiet, don’t touch your sister’s, brother’s food. By the time one of the children clear the table, I’m ready for a nap or a stiff drink, and my Aspie has disappeared.

It’s 930 and we are now running through chores, after calling after a very upset daughter. The children accomplish a few chores and I have cleaned up twice after the dog, apparently he ate something he shouldn’t have…ew.

1020 we sit down to school work, everything takes twice as long as possible and instead of being done in an hour, my daughter doesn’t finish her work until 1330.

At 1100 the kid’s tutor comes in to work with the kids, Josh mercifully goes to play at the neighbor’s and Sarah sets up crying for the most of the next two hours. My Autistic son alternately screams and throws himself to the ground during his session….catterwauling? I think that is the only way to explain the morning here.

It is about this time that my husband calls and needs lunch and a number of other items packed up for a quick get-a-way, apparently pulling a long day full of deadlines. Sure no prob get right on that.

What does your home school day look like? uh..you really don’t want to know.


4 thoughts on “What’s your Home School Day Look Like?

  1. Theresa March 14, 2012 / 2:45 pm

    I am so impressed by you. (((hugs)))

    • harmony671 March 14, 2012 / 3:40 pm

      lol – you shouldn’t be – lol

  2. renae March 14, 2012 / 3:42 pm

    lol….oh I soooooo get this!!!

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