A fairly quiet Thurday

A broken egg. Español: Un huevo quebrado.

We did some chores with our new token reward system. That seems to be settling nicely a few wrinkles to iron out but good overall. Headed over to the Dollar Store and Walmart to look for more reward stickers and a couple more reward charts, Joshua now wants to play the sticker game and I think Robby will too, but they didn’t have the same type, so we will see about getting to the big one next week. I did find these small charts about the size of a bookmark that might be good to use in the car.
We did pretty good on the school work, finishing before lunch on almost everything.
Our tutor came by again this morning and everything went really well, till Ephraim brok an egg in the kitchen. It took a full body bear hold and 10 minutes before he was calm enough to get back to work. Then he was A okay the rest of the session. We think it might have been allergies, before the thunderstorm it was pretty thick out there.
All this followed by a blissful nap time with three out of four children participating and I got most of the first floor mopped, woot woot! Hoping this wining streak holds till bedtime.


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