What is going on?


After Sabbath Musings – 3/25/2012

(I know this is way late.)

alternate shot

Okay so it’s been a week since I posted last. I have been working through a few things in real life and neglected my online community all week. It felt good to get some things in place and to not feel chained to a laptop!

Update on the family: Robby is home, and LOVED his visit to Big Mama’s! Came home with lots of stories and some great memories.

This week the kids are going to start riding and voice lessons, I hope that works out for both of them.

I am dreading this nice weather, just between me and you, it is extremely difficult to watch the kids and do, well anything else. They are all over the place! I’m thinking they aren’t all ready to be turned loose on society, so I have been a bit schizophrenic with the in and out and park and laundry balancing game.

I want to get back into the game so expect something from me tomorrow morning!


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