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After Sabbath Musings – 4/1/12Facebook logo

Okay so this week yet again has been slow in the online world. I can’t explain it but I have had no interest in writing or even checking in on Facebook or my email. I start at it for a few then move on, so odd for me. I am  not getting much else done, well that’s not true, I have been reading a lot, I have been sitting on the children trying to weed out some bad behaviors, I’ve been pretending that Pesach isn’t this Friday and I am still trying to figure out this new every kid wants to go in three different directions out side, cause its spring thing.

Bobby got me this trilogy of Amish novels for our anniversary, they were awesome, I tore through them so fast! The neighbors, who ROCK! watched the kids so we went out to dinner. The food was subpar and the waiter was lacking, but the company was pleasant so we had a great time.

I planned on having a container garden and started my seedlings indoors. I acclimated them to the weather and transfered them to the pots, within the week the squirrels ate them all up! I am trying to keep them away with red pepper flakes, and will be buying some chicken wire to create some cages for them.

Oh and Bobby made his 5, that’s SGT Holland to all you enlisted folks, lol. Which means I have to take some clothes in for new patches and get his dress blues redone, good thing he already has the pants 🙂 The neighbor wanted to know if Bobby would be getting a raise in his allowance, lol! uh no!  *snicker*


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