World Autism Awareness Day

CC - Kelly Gaffney-Reap

During this our second year of recognizing World Autism Awareness Day, I stop for a moment. I look back last year, we had a dx for just one month, my daughter Asperger’s, my son PDD-NOS. We had OT, Play Therapy, Speech and ABA times two.

Now a year later we are down to a minimum of ABA, and only one speech appointment. My son can go to a friend’s house, he HAS a friend! My daughter can work unassisted occasionally on her schoolwork. She has worked through many anxieties and can “tune” out a lot of distractions.

I know as the years and blue porch lights come and go, I will be able to add more and more accomplishments to their list, but to be able to say that we have any, to know that there is a community of neighbors, friends, and professionals that care enough about our children to find ways to help them…that’s priceless, immeasurable, it is a true blessing.

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!


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