Passover Shopping Trip


The strangest thing is that out of all the Jewish holidays that we keep, the Feast of Unleavened bread is not the biggest one on my list. I like bread and brownies and cakes and so do all of my children. But one child, Ephraim, loves and I mean LOVES matzah! He stole away this evening and tore into the brand new matzah box and ate at least one sheet of matzah. Two nights ago at the seder at AWANAs he grabbed an extra piece on the way out the door, their’s was especially tasty salted matzah, lol. Personally I think that is like salting cardboard, but whatever.

This afternoon we made the trek to the store in our area that was carrying a few passover things and bought our five pound box of matzah, a box of chocolate matzah, and some odds and ends to make a few matzah meal treats this coming week. We hadn’t been to this store, but the staff was friendly and helpful. My Ephraim who asked a million times when we were going to eat the matzah, had resigned himself to riding underneath the cart. Now carts today aren’t like they were when I was a kid with plenty of room underneath to ride, no carts today are huge with a small bit of space for a large item underneath. So he is laying on his belly riding along, when I feel a bump on the way. For a second I don’t realize I ran him over, more exactly his finger, until he starts howling. For those of you who know my son, he has got some lungs on him! He is yelling so loud, I’m sure the whole store hears him and the checkout ladies are now leaving their post to investigate. They were so sweet and concerned and watched my younger children while I rinsed off the finger, he may lose the nail in time. They also got him a band-aid from their first aid kit. Somehow along the way Ephraim has decided that if you get a cut, then your blood will all come out and than you will then die. So on top of the finger hurting painfully he was terrified that he was going to die. After a few minutes of repeating the phrase, “You are not going to die,” and showing him that it was just a drop of blood, we were calm enough to pay and leave the store.

This was my Passover shopping trip. And just between me and you, I’m not all that upset that he closed out the day stealing my matzah…I didn’t really want it anyways.


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