Overheard in the waiting room…

Okay this lady had something to say about everything her daughter did, and none of it good .Though the girl seemed to be a good sort, not really causing trouble. So This older girl lets call her Laura starts playing with a little girl not even 2 yet. Laura is playing so nice with this toddler, playing at her level and both of them are really enjoying themselves, which is saying something when the average wait is 2 hours. Then Laura starts to play “tickle monster” you know the one that starts with giggling and running away and the “monster” saying I’m a getchyou? Alright that’s when this gets¬†interesting. Laura’s mom busts out with, “Oh no you will not bust out the “tickle monster”! You can’t just be touching people, if someone just walked in here and started tickling you, I would call the cops!” I glance up to see if she’s serious and she is. A few of the mom’s chuckle a bit nervously, and Laura goes back to playing with the little girl.

Fast forward, the young toddler has moved on and now Laura is engaging a four year boy and his toddler brother. They are playing boy games and she is again leading the play. It’s sweet to see a girl her age interested in children, and I glance up from my book occasionally to enjoy the play. Then it happens, the older boy begins to play “tickle monster”! I couldn’t believe it what are the odds? At this point only I and one other mom know what this women previously said about the horrendous tickle monster, and we wait. And…nothing, the woman doesn’t say a blessed thing, not to her daughter, not to the alleged tickle monster, NOTHING! The lady sitting next to me says, “Yeah, that just happened.” And the whole room goes back to their previously scheduled busy work…except me.

I am formulating all the other ways that should have gone. Laura’s mom should have jumped from her seat and clutched her child to her chest and with an accusatory finger pointed at that 4 year old hooligan screamed, “You get your chubby little fingers away from my daughter! She’s not that kind of girl!” And then turning on the parents of said miscreant, “Are you just going to sit there while your son sullies my daughter’s good name, the very thought?! tickle monster! I have half a mind to call the cops, you better keep that urchin under control!”

Ah the possibilities are endless, but the bottom line is that the mom didn’t really care about the game, she didn’t really think of it as borderline child molestation, she was just afraid of what someone might think. She was raising her daughter on the sole guiding principle of “what would people think…if she’s too loud, if she says something goofy, if she’s clumsy, if she’s not dressed right, if she doesn’t get good grade, or if she’s just a child. So many parents are embarrassed by their child’s child like behavior. I think at some point we need to turn our backs on “some people” and enjoy some antics, play in the mud, blow bubbles with our milk and just plain enjoy life.


2 thoughts on “Overheard in the waiting room…

  1. renae April 15, 2012 / 11:11 am

    Couldn’t agree more!!~Renae

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