A visit, a promotion and a birthday!

So this past weekend was full! On Thursday Mom and Dad flew in for Bobby’s promotion. We were so excited they would come all this way and that Papa was feeling well enough to travel! Thursday morning dawned bright and clear and we had great weather the whole visit. I ran around most of the morning getting things in place then grabbed Mom to introduce her to Talitha’s voice teacher. Then Mom and Dad came over for dinner. It always feels so good to have family around. Friday at 1100-ish Bobby re-enlisted, with choice of duty station and a bonus, and was promoted to Sergeant! Aw yeah, pay raise baby!! I’m so proud of my soldier for sticking it out and making it this far. We were blessed to take Mom to our congregational service and show her off, and then luck of the draw they were here for Talitha’s birthday. Whew! When bedtime finally rolled around last night we were all DEAD and the kids slept till 0800!

I am so full of peace and happiness at what has worked together for our good, to see some pieces just fall into place, you gotta know God’s in control!


2 thoughts on “A visit, a promotion and a birthday!

  1. pamela holland April 17, 2012 / 2:12 pm

    What a wonderful visit we had. God’s favor on the Holland family was felt and seen throughout our time together. Thank-you Becky for the lovely dinners and taking such good care of us. Being surrounded by everyones energy and love was such a blessing!
    Love from Mom & Dad

    • harmony671 April 17, 2012 / 3:39 pm

      Mom, it was our pleasure and blessing that you were both able to come up, thank you so much for making the sacrifice 🙂

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