It was a great start…

So this morning got off to a great start. I start the kids off with smoothies, then sent them off to clean the bathrooms. I started some laundry and kept an I on the smaller three, preschool TV and PBS computer games and a bunch of legos were the main themes of play. I had the kitchen cleaned, the dining room tidied, laundry well on its way to completion. Around 1000 the ABA tutor showed up, every other week her supervisor comes to monitor progress.

We had lunch and then things went downhill, for whatever reason Ephraim started misbehaving, well not really misbehaving it was more like a steady slide into a major meltdown. He lost X after X off his board losing, video games, TV choice, TV all together, legos, than he was off to naptime. That was the final straw, I don’t know when the ladies left, cause I was upstairs for quite sometime bear hugging a screaming child. A child who was mad, at his choices, at mine, at something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. After thrashing for 20 minutes he fell asleep. I took a shower after putting the baby to sleep. We had three children down and two blissfully busy with their own stuff.

Then Ephraim woke up, and I had to be on full time diligence. No TV. No Video games. No Legos. No more screaming fits. No more jumping on the couch, or your sister, or me.

By the end of the day, I had nothing to show for whatever I had accomplished.

This is just sometimes how it goes…


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