Okay well that’s interesting

Autism Awareness RibbonSo I have a stats recording that let’s me know what people are visiting the most and right now it’s my articles that include Autism. Strange thing is those are just the “this is how my life is going” type posts. I think it’s because we reach out for someone to say me too, I get that, I know where you are coming from. When I first suspected that my oldest daughter had Asperger’s I had no one to reach out to, to hear “I get that”. I had some great responses about me being overly sensitive, that girls are different then boys and that if I just put them in school, it would all go away. But not one person said I understand, cause they couldn’t.

They couldn’t understand what its like to know their child is different, the kind of different that doesn’t go away, the kind of different that may limit their future, that definitely changes your outlook for their future, the kind of different that can squash dreams. You don’t understand that until you sit across the desk from some health care professional and hear, “Your daughter has Asperger’s and your son has PDD-NOS.” Until you read the EFMP report and see “prognosis guarded” and “moderate to severe”.  Until you have walked that path, you don’t know.



2 thoughts on “Okay well that’s interesting

  1. Amy Marshall April 25, 2012 / 2:04 pm

    You are right. People who have not walked in your shoes don’t know what you are going through. But what I have come to realize is that everyone has a child who is “different” in some way. Maybe they had a girl when they wanted a boy. Maybe they wanted an athlete and got a bookworm. I have lost count of the times I thought “They don’t get it. Their kids are normal” only to learn that their children had problems of some kind, too. With few exceptions, I find myself relieved that my kids “only” have the challenges they do and not those of their peers.

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