Tackling Hand Me Downs

From the same source that brought you Conquering the Mountain of Laundry I bring you the pictorial of how to tackle the hand me downs.

I receive a lot of donations and the older children pass down a lot of hand me downs, this leaves me with quite the mess. Twice a year as the seasons change to Fall and Spring I tackle the incredible pile. I start by bringing everything inside from the garage. Then I check the labeled tubs, if they are correct then I set them aside to use for sorting if not then they go with all the bags of donations we receive from great friends! Next I sort. I have a trash pile, clothing so damaged or stained it should not be passed down. A donation pile to be carted off ASAP so someone else can get use of them. Donations include sizes we no longer need, ie baby clothes and clothing that has inappropriate sayings or styles we don’t allow. I sort by size and sex, boys 8 over here, girls 10 over there. Finally when all is said and down I load it all back into tubs, label them all and set them back into the garage…whew an all day project!

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