Happy Birthday!

A big winner!

We had a crazy weekend! Ephraim turned 6 on Saturday and he opened up some presents on that day. Sunday he had an ice cream treat and a horse riding lesson. Then tonight we topped off the celebration with a trip to the mouse house. He had a blast! Lots of games and so many tickets! They have this box you stand in that has air and tickets and loud noise and Ephraim jumped right in and he captured the illusive 1000 ticket! OMZ he was so excited!!

And I was amazed he went in this air tunnel and came out ready to play and still in control, I mean let’s examine this a bit, loud noise, air and tickets hitting him everywhere, and the tension of winning or losing the ticket count. I was so surprised that I didn’t have to peal him off the ceiling or console him or anything. The hostess told him if he held his hands a certain way the tickets would just collect there, and he should stuff them in his shirt. He did exactly what she said and we were all amazed how calm he was about it! He walked out of there with three large ticket items and floating on a cloud.

For kid who spends a lot of his time disgruntled, upset, or overwhelmed, to see him on cloud nine for the night? Priceless! I can’t tell you how much my heart swells when he does, normal stuff.


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