A weeks vacation.

Friday was rough. Ephriam had a bad morning. Lot’s of screaming and tantrums. The afternoon was only slightly better, with tantrums and running away. Friday’s are hard for me anyways. I need to cook and prep for the Sabbath and keep all the kids on track for school, cleaning and what have you.

Just after Sabbath dinner I broke down, it was memories of my Grandma that triggered it, but it was three weeks of struggling with Ephraim that led to it. After arguing with my more than helpful husband over how to fix it, he told me that we needed to take a break with Ephraim school work. He suggested that if I took  a week off that it would get my head back in the game but that it would also benefit the other children in that I wouldn’t be so run down. It took me a second, but I agreed that I should take a bit of a break and work on getting my head straight and my house clean(which helps so much in my mental health:))

I’m going to give it a try this week and see, I think that if nothing else it will help me, I just hope a bit of break helps Ephraim too, maybe he’s burnt out too.


What do you think?

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