Day 3 of Vacation

Well, my week hasn’t been so bad, would love to have my car back, but other than that…

We decided last week to take the week off with Ephraim. Monday and Tuesday we did just that. No stress, lots of TV, video games and trips to the park. But with his allergies kicking in full force and his entitlement attitude shortly following we are doing a short day of Home School.

Classroom 010When I started home schooling I had no idea what I was doing. I had two years of traditional schooling under my belt and nearly four years at home with my day care. So I jumped in with both feet to and probably burnt my poor 4yo son out, now I have gotten a better hang of things, school doesn’t take so long and I think I am getting better results 🙂 I am not afraid to take days off, to reassign work and to say to the kids, the workbook is wrong!

Cover of "Go, Dog. Go! (Beginner Books)"

I love having Ephraim at home instead of worrying about how he would be behaving and what he wouldn’t be learning because of it. I love seeing him figure things out. Yesterday he picked up “G0, Dog. Go!” and I was unsure if it would be to hard for him, he sat right down in the middle of the aisle and read it out loud to me…nice! When he doesn’t think I am paying attention and he really wants to go out to play he flies through his schoolwork, getting everything right and neatly! Double Nice!!


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