Take the time to refuel…

And no I’m not talking about taking a spa day, or dropping the kids off with the sitter while you eat bon bons and watch soaps all day, I’m talking about the real deal the actual fuel that gets us all through the day, prayer and study.

Now, I’m the worst at this myself so I’m encouraging myself today too. As I’m about to get off my duff and turn of the computer and engage in an age old ritual of prepping for the Sabbath, I am reminded that I should start each of my days with the proper preparation of prayer and study.

As parents we can’t get so wrapped up in our children that we forget to take sustenance for ourselves.  We must eat, hydrate, exercise but we must tend to our spiritual needs foremost.

Proverbs 31:17 – She gathers her strength around her, and throws herself into her work.

How do we gather our strength, a good night’s sleep is beneficial but it will not outlast 3 major meltdowns and a scream-fest all before lunch. To draw on the strength that sustains we must turn to G-d of all creation, Exodus says that G-d is our strength and our salvation (15:2). Take a moment find a short devotional online and recharge.

I like:


www.chabad.org especially The Jewish Woman

My fav online Bible right now is www.biblestudytools.com They have the CJB and the NASV and you can read your choice of translation in parallel.

Shabbat Shalom!


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