Lessons learned

My little traveler is home. Distance and time, seems to always change your perspective. While chatting with my daughter on the phone, I though when did she become a kid? a young lady? Watching her run across the airport dressed to the nine with such a self posses air…where did my baby go?

I arrived at the airport a few minutes late but was told her flight was early, so I felt rushed and harried as I went through security. I arrived at her gate only to be told it was changed to another gate, and then to be paged that she was waiting for me at yet a third gate! I hurried over, hoping she wasn’t dissapointed  or worried that I hadn’t been there when she got off the plane. LOL She was happily chatting away with the flight attendant until I caught her eye, then it was happy  shriek and “mommy, mommy” all the way across the terminal. I guess I still have my little girl for awhile longer. After squeezing the daylights out of all of her siblings we were ready to head out to dinner.

Goodness, but those kids have made it an art to get on each other’s nerves. You would think they didn’t like each other at with the racket they were making in the car, but as I went to check on the kids before I went to bed I found Ephraim curled up at the foot of Talitha’s bed…I’m sure he climbed in after she went to sleep, it was sweet to see that he missed her too. I’m sure once they are all conscious it will be bedlam in here again, but I’ll now its all a front, they really do care for each other 😉

This post sure is rambling, I feel that I have learned a few things in this latest solo vacation:

  1. You have to let your kids go to see them grown up.
  2. Extended grandparent visits are a must.
  3. My kids love each other even if they drive me to distraction with their constant bickering.
  4. Chocolate chip cookies, 90 degree weather and a 2 year old…don’t mix.

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