Does your schedule work for you?

A friend of mine, who I love, has a calendar that would kill me. All 6 of her children rotate out with scouts, sports, cheer not to mention church activities, family get together’s and all the parties that go along with well liked children and an active Mom. I say it would kill me even though I enjoying going out and seeing people and interacting, I get recharged from being at home. If I had to be out of the house everyday of the week, I would burnout quick. But my friend is the opposite, when she landed in the hospital with her last baby for an unexpected amount of time, it drove her crazy not to be able to have her hands in the mix of her kids activities and her own volunteer work.

Is your schedule working for you? For my ASD kids I can tell pretty quick if our latest schedule isn’t working, the number of meltdowns goes up and the number of nights a week they asleep in their own bed goes down. With my NT kids it can be a bit harder to tell. Usually I can tell when they are not excited to go to whatever activity. Now that’s not to say that one or more children hasn’t asked to skip a night of AWANA’s. I’m talking about dragging their feet every time and not enjoying the activity at the end of it all.

Now to be honest we have very few activities. A few of the kids take riding lessons, one of them takes voice lessons and the whole passel of them goes to AWANA’s. As a family we attend a Congregation.  We are home without needing to leave the house 3 out of 4 days, not bad.

During this last deployment I noticed that no one wanted to go to our Congregational meetings. They didn’t want to go, and neither did I. Occasionally two of the kids would ask to go but not every week. Why? Why was this our burnout point? I can’t say, but we stopped going for about 6 weeks directly prior  to my husband returning, we stayed home. We studied together, made and ate delicious foods, and rested. This was what we needed at the time. As soon as my husband was home we returned to our normal schedule. No complaints from anyone.

I don’t know why this is on my mind, just thought I would share 🙂



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