Cleaning House

Okay so there was a lot of water. Water and soap and wet children everywhere. Two buckets of soapy water, three damp towels, 7 washrags and did I mention warm soapy water?


The little boys decided to wash the chairs which I had placed on the back porch, and the other three helped me mop the floor. Apparently Sarah was in charge of soaking the floor before we came through to clean it. The kids were really good at cleaning and I found that as long as I was on the floor working with them they were in good spirits. In 45 minutes the kids had cleaned the dining room,  the table, chairs, the floor and windows…oh and the baseboards too! We had so much fun and the kids were proud of themselves when we were done.

In fact after a much needed break we tackled the living room in a record 30 minutes, cleaning the windows, dusting the furniture and mopping the floor. Later Robby folded the laundry, while I did the dishes and we worked quickly through the chores. It was amazing how cheerful he was working as long as I was working along side him.

It started me thinking about how chores look through their eyes, new experiences, opportunities for success and accomplishment, and most importantly play. Chores look like play to them, which is why they don’t see their seriousness. But I did notice something, once they had cleaned the rooms, they wanted to keep them that way with more willingness…nice!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Set aside your expectations on what “chores” look like.
  2. Allow the children options on what they do and how they do it.
  3. Work alongside them instead of “lording” over them.
  4. Attempt to see the experience through their eyes.


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