Are your kids stir crazy already?

Then sign right up for a week of entertainment it only costs $150 for 4 hours a day, then you can sign them up for $60 a week swim lessons for another hour, then take them over to the movies for a $30 excursion. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This will insure they never get bored, they always have some scheduled activity, AND you won’t have to “deal” with them…uh oh I sense a rant coming on.

I found this great article that talks about the value of boredom, and how we might be doing are children a disservice by planning their every waking moment.

How boredom will help you towards success — if you let it

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Being bored turns your mind inward and encourages reflection. When you’re rushing about, there’s no time to think. When you’re bored, there’s nothing else to do but think. The fashion today may be to admire action heroes and denigrate the power of the mind, but fashion never made anything right. With time to consider what you’re doing and why, you may just come up with some useful questions about the direction you’re headed in. We may be living in an age full of self-regard, but that doesn’t mean people spend much time in introspection. It’s more like they keep looking at themselves in a mental mirror, seeing how they look on the surface. They don’t go any deeper.

Allowing your child to be bored and unplugged, will foster self awareness. It might focus your child on who they want to be, what they want to be like. I provided my oft bored daughter with a journal and crayons, she has become very expressive in her picture making and is taking time to get to know her own thoughts.

Boredom is nearly always essential to creativity. It isn’t true that creativity is mostly sparked by having a specific problem to be solved. It’s far more likely to arise because the person is bored with the way something has been done a thousand times before and wants to try something new. That’s why new movements in technology, the arts, and even public life usually start when there are still plenty of people polishing and refining the current approach. They don’t begin because what is being done now is totally played out; they begin because a few people decide that’s boring and start playing around with how to change it.

I have a child that I have to keep an eye, when he gets bored he takes things apart. Though this can be viewed as destructive it is often just his natural curiosity on how things work and can I put it back together in the right way. A friend of mine took a bunch of discarded battery operated items and let her girls at em with screw drivers and whatnot, fueling their innate desire.

Boredom stimulates the search for better ways to things like nothing else does. How many improvements in processes and ways of producing things have come about because the people doing the job are so damn bored with going over same thing again and again? My guess is that it’s the single biggest spur to working smarter, far exceeding cost-cutting or abstract ideas of ‘constant improvement’. It’s become a truism that vast amounts of creativity and improvement are available from simply asking those who do some job how they might do it better. Those dull places where processes never change, and people spend their working days with minds numbed by boredom, relieved only by gossip, get that way because the people in charge are control freaks who can’t stand that anyone might have an independent idea.

What would your kids tell you, when day after day, hour after endless hour of screen time has left them bored. When all those single purpose toys have failed to snag their interest. What might they tell you they would do differently? Mine are always looking to play outside, they would play outside on their bikes, the park, the mud, the endless desire to create a fort, they would do this all day long…and outside play? So cheap, virtually free.

Boredom is an essential step in falling asleep and getting enough rest. Watch almost any animal. If they’re stuck somewhere with nothing to do, they go to sleep. It’s the natural thing to do. We do it too. People usually can’t sleep because their minds are too active. They’re thinking about what they will do tomorrow, worrying about what they did today, or mad because they ought to be asleep and aren’t, and lying here wide awake is so boring. If they would only give in to being bored — relish how dull everything was and how there was nothing to do or think about — they’d be asleep in a matter of moments. But their minds are trained to seek constant stimulation. Even when they fall asleep, those minds fill the night with dreams of frantic activity. No wonder they wake up feeling tired.

Boredom could make your children nap and sleep better? Sign me up! Turn off the lights, turn off the computer, the phone, the TV, the music, turn it all off and see if they don’t get bored and go to sleep. My kids bedtime schedule includes no toys, no lights, no books, no journals….just them, the bed and the dark. Now if I can get all the screens off in the house? Sleep overtakes them even faster.

The next time you find yourself saying, or thinking, that you’re bored, be happy. You’ve just been handed a gift you can use in any of these ways. If you do, you’ll find that being bored is sometimes the very best state to be in.


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