Date Night

English: Panamanian Night Monkey (Aotus zonali...

So the Mommy and Daddy Monkey got the night off. (Thanks ms bruhnay!) Face it moving is stressful, add in a five kids, and a dog, not to mention the Army is calling the shots and I’m in for a nervous breakdown! So the other day my husband and I may as well have been speaking Swahili and Mandarin and not at the same time…for all that we could understand each other. I missed an appointment, he ran late all day, the house wouldn’t stay clean etc etc and we end up yelling at each other…which honestly rarely happens.

When my tired warrior returns home for dinner, we both sheepishly apologize for our stupid and I lay out my plans for getting away for a few hours. My AWESOME neighbor, volunteered to watch all the monkeys and we scooted out for a night on the town. Dressed to the nines in jeans and t-shirts we stepped out to a grill and bar and had what else flame broiled meat 🙂 After a good meal with great service, my sweetheart wants to see a movie so we buzz buy to see what’s playing. Nothing we wanted to spend $17 on, so we pick up some heavenly ice cream and people watch for an hour. People watching is a shared hobby, we both like discussing clothing choices, possible relationships, and we even attempt to figure out what they are talking about…ah the joys.

On our way home we swing my Wallymart cause what romantic date is complete without a trip into the box for some essentials? lol. So we came in close to 10, feeling like we had stayed out all night. The children, little monkey angels that they are saved all their stupid for us which means ms bruhnay might once again sit for us! What’s the benefit in date night? Well if you have to ask then you haven’t had one recently. For us the benefit is to have a conversation that last more than five minutes, that is uninterrupted and doesn’t end in, “No it’s your turn to change the diaper.” It time to remember why we fell in love, why we like each other, why we keep trying so hard to make all this work. Date Night can be a moment of sanity.



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