An Amazing Vacation

During the first deployment my dh had offered to let me take me my 9 month old Joshua to California to visit my grandparents. I looked forward to the trip for months and enjoyed so much being away with my baby and seeing my grandparents. Bobby and I joked that it was my reward for surviving the deployment. So when another deployment loomed on the horizon I started talking about another trip to California, maybe alone maybe with Sarah.

As you know my grandparents both passed away during the last deployment and my husband true to form readjusted fire and declared I would visit my best friend when her baby came in the summer. So even though the decision was clouded with grief I began to greatly look forward to seeing my dear friend and her new baby…and her girls…and maybe Greg šŸ˜‰ I planned my trip for the middle of June, to visit my friend when all the visits from family had died down. Shortly after making plans I found out my Mom would be visiting her friend a short distance away at the same time. Now this trip was taking on a true sense of adventure.

I was really looking forward to seeing my Mom, it has been a very long time since we have had a chance to visit and couldn’t wait to take her out to lunch and just chat. My dear friends baby had come a bit early and the family had all cleared out in time for my arrival with absolutely no children in tow, when the Army reminded me…I’m not in charge.

Are you serious, leave denied? So no visit, no seeing the baby, my friend, my mom…just oneĀ disappointedĀ Mama. *sigh*


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